Thursday, October 13, 2011

U.S. Sheriffs: Securing Border With Mexico is ‘About Saving America’ From Terrorists

Nine sheriffs from around the country came to Washington D.C. Wednesday to send a message, they said, about the threat posed by Mexican drug cartels and some illegal aliens operating and committing crimes in communities throughout the United States. Offenses range from driving drunk to murder and are not limited to states along the southwest border, they said. “We suffer those same problems in Frederick County,” the Maryland county’s sheriff, Chuck Jenkins, said during a panel discussion in the House Rayburn Building. “This is about the rule of law.” “This is about saving America,” Jenkins said. “This is about public safety and national security.” The focus of Wednesday’s panel discussion was border security and the challenges faced by local law enforcement agencies combating criminal activities carried out by Mexican drug cartels and some illegal aliens. According to the Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center’s 2009 data, Mexican drug cartels are operating in some 200 U.S. cities. The CIS paper shows that immigrants are no longer settling primarily in large urban areas but also in smaller cities and towns across the country. Over the last decade, Alabama led the nation in immigrant population growth (92 percent), followed by South Carolina (88 percent), Tennessee (82 percent), Arkansas (79 percent), Kentucky (75 percent) and North Carolina (67 percent)...more

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