Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Cattle rancher living the dream

Jennifer Ellis and Scott Jones

Scott Jones has found his dream job – even if it often means before-dawn to after-dark workdays. Jones is the manager at the Colorado River Ranch, a bit more than 10 miles north of Dotsero. Several years ago, the people who ran Cordillera resort envisioned homes and a golf course on the property. Today, a couple of owners operate the ranch, which has been certified to raise and sell organic beef, by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It’s one of fewer than 15 such ranches in the state. It’s easy to find “natural” beef for sale because there aren’t really any rules to hang that label on a product. “Organic” is much different. There’s a big book of rules issued by the feds, and all those rules have to be followed to the letter to earn and keep an organic certification. Going through the paperwork – and hard, physical work – required for the certification is starting to pay off. The ranch just sent its first few animals for processing, and the next batch will be headed off soon. Ranch owners hope the end market for the beef will be local restaurants, caterers and others who enjoy, and are willing to pay for, something that’s both healthy and delicious...more

Looks like Jennifer is having a little problem with her pony.  That's how those organic horses are don't you know.


Anonymous said...

Jenifer is probably an "equestrian"!
What ever that is.

Tick said...

That's easy, it's a internet questrian.