Thursday, November 03, 2011

Inspector General: Green energy stimulus program plagued by problems

Inspector General Gregory Friedman, testifying to the House Energy and Commerce Committee's panel on stimulus oversight, called the program "at odds with realities." Among other things:

° $35 billion in stimulus overwhelmed DOE's $27 billion budget
° More than half the weatherization projects audited failed
° Of the roughly 125,000 workers eligible for green jobs training, only 40 percent received it and only 8,035 participants landed jobs
° Of those placed, only 1,336 participants had retained employment for more than 6 months – or about two percent of the planned 69,717

That means 60% were lucky...their time wasn't wasted.
He also testified that 45% of the money hasn't been spent...yet.

And, this story says the I.G. has launches criminal probe into more than 100 Energy Dept. loans

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