Friday, November 04, 2011

New report identifies nation's 101 top conservation projects

An Interior Department report released Thursday identifies 101 high-priority conservation projects across the nation as part of President Barack Obama's initiative to protect public lands, but it says most will have to find funding somewhere besides the U.S. government. The report outlines two projects in each state and one in the District of Columbia in various stages of development, ranging from the creation of an all-season trail system in Alaska's Denali National Park to the completion of a 32-mile trail through urban areas in central Florida. Representatives from all 50 states who were asked to identify specific projects in which the federal government could form partnerships as part of the America's Great Outdoors Initiative. Some could be completed within in a few years, while others would take several decades, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said. Salazar said he didn't know the total cost, and the report says the federal agency won't be able to fund most of them, "given the fiscal constraints facing the federal government."...more

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