Monday, November 21, 2011

Wyo. ranchers, law team up to foil livestock rustlers

An apparent increase in livestock rustling brought together landowners in eastern Carbon County, Albany County and Natrona County with federal, state and county law enforcement agencies. "The thievery has dramatically escalated over the last three years," said Matt Spennath, whose ranch runs along County Road 2 in Albany and Carbon counties. "Sometime between mid-August and Oct. 1, 22 head of yearling steers were just gone. We are pretty confident with our head counts, and I'm sure they were stolen." Spennath said he lost 35 ewes to rustlers between mid-May and October, and another rancher near him loses 35-40 head of cattle annually. "They feel just as confident that their livestock is being stolen," Spennath said. Carbon County Sheriff Jerry Colson said his deputies have the authority to stop livestock trailers without cause and ask for the brand papers. Colson was advised to make sure deputies always look in trailers to make sure the animals match the paperwork. Roger Newkirk — a brand inspector whose area includes Carbon County — advised law enforcement officers that ranchers and their employees must have permits to transport livestock across county lines and state lines. He said officers can call the brand inspector 24 hours a day to verify a brand to the name of the rancher. Livestock thefts mostly happen during the day in July and August, Siler said, because most rustlers don't want to navigate dirt roads in the dark or get out in Wyoming's wintry weather...more


johnr said...

Where is Tom Horn when he is needed?

Frank DuBois said...

Do you reckon "range detective" Tom Horn would have filled out all that paperwork?

johnr said...

His 30-30 did all of the filing that needed to be done.ranth