Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cattle mutilation/slaughter hurting local ranchers - Florida

A Fort Myers rancher says he found one of his calves slaughtered and left in pieces Friday morning. He says it's not the first time someone has come onto his property. Several ranchers we spoke with Monday say at first, they just thought their calves were just missing - until they made the gruesome discoveries. Across Southwest Florida, ranchers say their cows are being mutilated for their meat. Paul Dinger says he's used to hearing nothing but the sound of cows on his ranch. So, he says, the sound of cawing birds caught his attention late last week. "We happened to see some buzzards circling in the next pasture," he said. He says when he went over to investigate, that's when he saw the head and hooves of a tiny calf. "Got to looking at it and we could see where the foot was sawed right off," Dinger described. And he says in the past few months, three of his calves have disappeared. "The others, we thought, died in the woods. Now we know what's going on," he said. Other ranchers across Southwest Florida have shared similar stories...more

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Better saddle up and carry a gun!