Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here’s what I love most about cowboys, ranchers and farmers

Cowboys, ranchers, and farmers all have the same DNA. Their approach to everything is the reason why I enjoy knowing them. Here are some of their admirable qualities I love: Ingenuity: Their inventive nature has always been entertaining to me. Only a cowboy would use a Justin boots box for a suitcase, use a roommate’s toothbrush to groom his handlebar mustache, or sprinkle Brute cologne on neglected dirty dishes to mask the odor. Industrious nature: They put in their time at work regardless of how long, when, where and why without complaint or extra pay. Like they have a choice in the matter. Witty banter: Country boys are pranksters and find unusual ways to entertain themselves and others. While wrestling calves at a neighbor’s branding one spring, I found a set of severed calf parts in the hair-clip I left on a tailgate and knew it could only be the work of one of the cowboys. I just never expected he would be a cowboy in his late 70s...more

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