Thursday, December 15, 2011

Utah plans to sue feds over thousands of roads

Utah has served notice that it will sue the U.S. Interior Department for control of nearly 19,000 roads crossing federally managed lands in the state. The threatened lawsuits are collectively the latest and biggest to date in a legal barrage in which Utah is attempting to put dirt paths and disputed trails crossing Bureau of Land Management jurisdictions officially on the map and open for state or county maintenance. It makes good on a promise that the governor’s public-lands office made earlier this year to join counties that have made their own pitches for control of roads on federal lands. "We will continue to use every tool available to us, including negotiation and lawsuits, to quickly and permanently get title to our roads," Gov. Gary Herbert said Wednesday in a prepared statement. "We are intent to defend our rights, and this filing will force the federal government to respond." Whether the roads really are Utah’s or its counties’ will depend on proving their general public use before 1976, when Congress repealed the act that granted rights of way for roads that could help in development of the West. Environmentalists view the legal strategy as a substitute for the anti-wilderness agenda, because many of the roads are of the most primitive, never-maintained class and cut across territory that otherwise could qualify as wilderness, new national monuments or for other protective designations...more

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Renee Evans said...

I have a few things to ask on this...

1) The authorization for funding of the ESA expired on October 1, 1992, but we are still funding them. Why and how are they allowed to get away with what they are doing? This is just like the housing bubble/Wall Street fraud that happened in 2008 ... Don't answer that .. I know .. "We the People" are not getting involved...

2) According to They are saying we can abolish the ESA .. with the 10th Amendment. In turn, because what they are doing and have done .. can't we also have everything they have done .. over turned? I have a reference that says "The Defenders of (I believe - I will have to find the doc) says, the Spotted Owl is and was NEVER an endangered species" They just "used this as an excuse" .. for what they were trying to get done at that time .. and this is what started the ESA..

So, everything they have done and are doing .. is a FRAUD... and the billions of dollars the tax payers are funding them ... is FRAUD! Those organizations are criminals! Literally...

3) Why aren't we working harder to "educate" the American people about the benefits of repealing the 17th Amendment .. and get back to the 10th Amendment? Isn't this what Utah is using to regain their states right to have access to their own roads?

4) We are getting the "Hunting Community" - "educated" .. on the ESA, Agenda 21, Wildlands Project - thru the site ... How many millions .. are we? So support is coming - we just didn't know this was happening ... and that we COULD .. do something against the Environmentalist big bucks and backing.

5) Join us please, we could use your support in "educating us" on FB Hunting Groups ..

6) You don't have to post my website on this comment, but for your reference .. so you will join us .. my name is Renee Evans with ... I'd like to connect you with our "movement", if you would be so kind.

Thank you for what you are doing. Sincerely, Thank you!

I will be contacting you soon.