Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wisconsin looks to limit hunting since gray wolf removed from endangered species list

Landowners will be able to hunt and kill wolves causing problems on their property now that the legendary predator is no longer considered an endangered species. The Obama administration last week declared more than 4,000 gray wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan have recovered from widespread extermination and will be removed from the endangered species list. Coupled with an earlier move that lifted protections in five western states, the decision puts the gray wolf at a historical crossroads — one that could test both its reputation for resilience and the tolerance of ranchers and hunters who bemoan its attacks on livestock and big game. State officials welcomed the federal announcement as long overdue and pledged to keep wolf numbers healthy while allowing people to kill those caught assaulting farm animals or pets. The states might allow hunting and trapping wolves, although no seasons have been set and the federal government will monitor the population for five years. . Scott Walker has charged the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources with implementing a state wolf management plan by Feb. 1 that allows controlled kills and limited hunting on qualifying private properties where the animals have become a nuisance...more

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