Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BLM approves Dubois wildcat spot

The US Bureau of Land Management’s Lander, Wyo., field office said that a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) and decision record have been signed for a proposed oil and gas exploratory well and associated facilities 10 miles north of Dubois, Wyo. Hudson Group LLC proposed to drill the Scott-2 well, in 28-43n-107w, Fremont County, on an existing lease on surface land administered by the US Forest Service’s Shoshone National Forest and mineral estate administered by BLM, the US Department of the Interior agency said on Jan. 24. The USFS has approved Hudson’s surface use operating plan, and the producer’s mitigation measures have been incorporated into Hudson’s application for a drilling permit, BLM noted. The well is in the Wind River basin. link

Everything about this is great, except Wyoming spells DuBois wrong.

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drjohn said...

Major correction. The correct spelling of the town in Wyoming is Dubois and pronounced do boice. Our leader Frank is pronounced du bwha. We had a President of the Udub whose name was pronounced the same as Franks's and he about ruined the University in just a couple of years. so there!