Thursday, January 26, 2012

Local activists head to D.C. to push for Fort Ord National Monument.

With more than 60 public agencies and a dozen-plus citizens’ groups claiming a stake in the former Fort Ord, consensus on how to manage it is as rare as the black legless lizard. So the solidarity in a push to designate up to 14,650 acres as a national monument is something of a shocker; stakeholders from Fort Ord Reuse Authority to the Sierra Club are asking the feds to protect the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Ford Ord acreage in perpetuity.
 Next week, local activists Henrietta Stern of FORT Friends and Gordon Smith of Keep Fort Ord Wild are hoping to find as much agreement among the many federal agencies with a hand in the designation. At the invitation of the Conservation Lands Foundation, Stern and Smith are headed to Washington, D.C., from Jan. 30-Feb. 2. “The issue is making sure people understand why the public land needs to be protected,” foundation spokeswoman Meghan Kissell says.

Not much of a story, but does allow for another picture of the BLM'er in her pink hat.  Hurry, hurry to have  this area managed by a federal Pink Panther.


Unknown said...

Please please when you all go to Washington , save Fort Ord as protected land, National Monument. I mt Bike there and hike as well as thousands. It is such a beautiful place and should never have car traffic going thru it or developed. Thank you guys for your hard work in trying to get Fort Ord saved.

Maenad said...

Register at Like us on facebook. Slap a bumpersticker on your car and send us a picture. Write the Monterey County Supervisors and the City of Seaside. Some think that building all over this land with shopping centers and more houses and freeways will fix the economy. We say they're crazy!