Monday, March 12, 2012

End The Hysteria! Pink Slime Is A Myth!

Media hype has created another wave of hysteria among American consumers. The latest rumor targets beef, with journalists accusing food chains like McDonald’s of using "pink slime" in their hamburger patties. ABC News reported on this topic, spurring a frenzy of related articles, blogs, tweets and Facebook posts all related to the scary ground beef debacle.  However, beef experts are working hard to keep the rumor mill from scaring consumers from enjoying a great-tasting burger. Last week, beef supplier Beef Products Inc. (BPI), and the American Meat Institute (AMI) shared the facts about beef.  BPI has launched an educational consumer-friendly website called, “Pink Slime Is A Myth,” which aims to debunk the myths spread by the sensational coverage.  Meanwhile, AMI explains the science behind it all, stressing the safety and wholesomeness of ground beef and its production. Here is part of a statement.

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