Monday, March 19, 2012

Father's outrage as TSA subjects his wheelchair-bound three-year-old son to humiliating search... on his way to Disneyland

A vacation in the Magic Kingdom should be enough to make a child giddy with excitement, but one young boy was left trembling with fear after he was subjected to an invasive TSA pat-down. The three-year-old, confined to a wheelchair due to a recently broken leg, was with his family at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, on their way to board a flight to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Despite constant assurances from his father that 'everything is OK', he physically trembles with fear and asks his parents to hold his hand. The terrified boy was swabbed on his hands and under his shirt for explosive residue. While the boy's father grew increasingly incensed by the treatment his son was getting, he tried to remain calm, for the boy's sake. He filmed the entire process and later posted it on YouTube...more

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