Friday, March 16, 2012

Song Of The Day #794

Ranch Radio today will conclude our week of songs about "Ol Boys Julie Carter Has Known."

At first I thought you can't do this without at least one rodeo song. So I was going to select one of my favorites, Jerry Ambler by Ian Tyson.

Then I thought, no, he was a pro and Julie usually writes about those of us a little lower on the rodeo rung. And usually ropers.

She also writes about our tendency to get in wrecks and how our western sense of right and wrong can sometimes result in a humorous outcome.

So here's a tune about a cowboy with a rope in his hand, a sense of justice in his heart and all told with a Julie Carter type sense of humor.

The tune is The Fireman Cowboy by Rex Allen and is available on his Voice Of The West CD.

And let's hope Julie Carter keeps ropin' in new fans and to hell with the bystanders.

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