Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Otero Mesa commentary: A plea from a young Apache girl

Twyla Rayne
I am an Apache Indian from the Mescalero reservation. Otero Mesa is more than just a place to me, it's a sanctuary. It is a place of peace, understanding and reliability not only for me, but for animals of all sorts, as far as spirits go. I felt spiritually reborn when I visited Otero Mesa and I am concerned for its spiritual well-being. Like a seed it needs care, patience and time. It needs nutrition. For it to be completely pure it needs natural resources to be as providing as possible. It still feeds on its instinctive well-being. Who are we to contaminate that? My dream is to keep it pure of bad spirit, unwanted corruption and contamination, and for its natural elements to remain. It was not only a stronghold Apache fortress, but a place of spiritual renewal and visionary aspects, as well as a place of mental sanity. I can feel it just looking at pictures and remembering the present smells, sights and calming sensations of the neutral atmosphere...more

The author, Twila Rayne, is a direct descendant of the great Apache warrior Cochise, whom I'm sure would just puke if he were to read this.


Anonymous said...

Mr. DuBois,
why would Cochise "puke" if he read her honesty. This was her ancestors land. Is it disgusting to you to see a young Apache stand up for her beliefs and feelings.Is it not an irresponsible gamble to threaten one of Southern New Mexico's largest untapped water acquifers to drill for hard rock minerals. And is it "wrong" for a youngster to care about more than just video games? Your comment seeems bitter and disrespectful.

Frank DuBois said...

Disrespectful? Yes
Bitter? No

If she had come right out and said the place was special to her and deserved to be protected, that would be fine with me.

But I'm not buying the fake indian lingo. She is lobbying, pure and simple, and using her heritage for political purposes.

Anonymous said...

To be Frank is to be a self-centered moron. The girl's plea had poetry. She did say the place was special to her and that it needed protection. For you to say that she should have "come right out and said.." Your racist vomit is clearly real. Thanks for being honest. It shows your true color. A white bigot who has the immaturity to "put down" a teenager for speaking in eloquent not political language and saying this is a special place. A place where her "family" dwelled for hundreds of years until they were invaded by Spaniards and then by Americans for the purpose of what? Opening a Walmart and a McDonald's? And I suppose you think they were bloodthirsty savages for defending thier homeland. What would you do Frank if foreigners invaded your family? Pick your nose? Frank DuBois: the reincarnation of General Custer, an egotistical old fool.