Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yellowstone grizzly bears more dangerous than Glacier's grizzlies

Hikers and hunters beware--a report shows that grizzlies in the Yellowstone region are far more dangerous and deadly than grizzlies in Glacier Park and the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem (NCDE). The report on Bear/Human Conflicts by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service grizzly bear coordinator Chris Servheen shows that in 2011, only 17 people got charged by grizzlies in Glacier/NCDE, where the griz population stands at 1,000. Yellowstone is home to just 600 grizzlies, but an astonishing 62 people got charged by grizzlies. A total of 83 people got charged, and 29 were hunters, while 28 were hikers. Grizzlies killed two hikers in Yellowstone Park in 2011. In 2010, a grizzly killed one hiker just outside Yellowstone's East Entrance. At a U.S. Forest Service campground just outside Yellowstone's NE entrance, a griz ripped into a tent at night, killed a camper, and devoured him. Compared to Glacier's grizzlies, Yellowstone grizzlies are meat-eaters. A paper in Yellowstone Science showed that the diet of Glacier's grizzlies is 3% meat, and 97% vegetation. The diet of adult male grizzlies in Yellowstone is 80% meat, 20% vegetation. Female grizzlies are 40/60...more


Tick said...

I can see why this would be posted under the label Cartoons-Humor...I find the mental picture of tree-huggin', greenie hikers being chased by a hungry griz hilarious.

"Here Pilgrim, feed this one and I'll bring you another." (play on Will Geer's yell to Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson)

I know, a few folks at Tick's Place have already informed me I'm a sick individual at times.

Frank DuBois said...

Oops! Changing the label now.

Tick said...

I sure wasn't being critical. I thought it fit very well when thinking of those pilgrims being chased, hunters excluded of course. (Smile) (BG)

Frank DuBois said...

Reckon it was a Freudian slip on my part?