Thursday, June 07, 2012

Dismembered bodies of 14 reported dumped in northern Mexico

The remains of at least 14 bodies were found Thursday in an abandoned vehicle in a northern Mexican state that has been the scene of a gruesome war between drug-trafficking gangs, according to news reports. Early reports said authorities found the abandoned cargo truck in Ciudad Mante, about 250 miles south of the U.S. border in northeastern Tamaulipas state. The Spanish news agency Efe, quoting an unnamed official, said the dead included 11 men and three women. The mutilated bodies were accompanied by a banner taking credit for the killings, but the official did not disclose its contents. Tamaulipas, which is next to Texas, has been rocked for months by a feud between the Gulf cartel and an ultra-violent gang of former allies known as the Zetas. The struggle has grown more bloody as a trafficking group led by Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman, from the northwestern state of Sinaloa, has apparently joined the fight against the Zetas as  part of a wider struggle. On May 4, the turf war left 23 people dead in the border city of Nuevo Laredo. Nine of the dead were hanged from a bridge; 14 others were mutilated and dumped...more

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Anonymous said...

They were probably on their way to a more northern state to chase storms and do work in construction.

They've been hauling them into my state for years. Some even go down there and give scuba diving lessons to them.

It's big business here. No one thinks anything of it.

I just had a guy estimate my roof and he told me the crew would be all Mexican. He lives in a city near a military base that condones the use of druggies to terrorize the population and report back to them for use of rounding people up so they don't look like they are lazy and inept.

Often the offspring of the law enforcers will chase these things too, offering fake IDs and fake credit cards for use to hide behind other people.

They've been doing it for years. They want others to think it's something really, really big. They'll get a New York writer to do their memoirs, all the while sitting on their asses watching people being murdered and letting the extortion contine.

They beleive it is God's will.

So, they try to think of themselves as undercover operatives and they break and enter in others homes. Citizen bloggers enjoy journalists rights and are expected to report back to either the police or the news stations. Black and white one way or the other.

I used to feel sorry for those who lost their lives on 9/11. I no longer do. Especially when their writers capitalize off the idiocy of the federal government.

The canceled boxing match in El Paseo was just one example of how they try to psych people out, convincing them that the cartels should be allowed to rule the US so federal agents can stage their super hero parties and people will have faith in their ill laid plans.

They should just stick to kidnapping small children and leave it at that.

They think others will think they are smart if they call it a study. The dumbest always have to appear as intellectuals it seems.