Friday, June 08, 2012

National Historic Park possible in San Luis Valley

Representatives from various organizations addressed two separate crowds during public meetings this past week in regards to designating a National Historic Park (NHP) in the San Luis Valley. Alan Ragins with the National Park Service facilitated the meetings. Alan Gilbert, with Secretary Ken Salazar's office, spoke on how the initiative got started and how the concept of a NHS in the Valley is linked to American Latino Heritage Initiative. "The purpose of a NHP is to tell a story about the area and preserve it," said Gilbert. Greg Kendrick and Chris Whitacre, also with the National Park Service, gave a 30 minute presentation on what a NHP is and is not, examples of some parks in other states and how they operate, and some identified sites in the Valley. Whitacre said that Salazar asked NPS to identify sites of America's Latino Heritage. Currently only four percent of all sites represent such heritage.  "This is a gap that needs to be addressed, as it's an integral part of our national history that needs to be represented," said Whitacre. Some possible sites identified by the two month study were as follows...more

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