Friday, July 06, 2012

Congress Set to Put Obama “On Notice” - UN Gun Control Treaty

Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) needs your help. As GOA reported before the holiday break, the United Nations has begun discussions over finalizing language in the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) -- talks that are expected to last all month. Senator Moran has prepared a letter, which GOA has in its possession, demanding that the Obama Administration oppose any treaty that would sacrifice Americans’ gun rights -- even if it means “breaking consensus” at the July conference. “We are concerned that the Arms Trade Treaty poses dangers to rights protected under the Second Amendment,” Senator Moran says in his letter. Despite the risks to our liberties, there is much double-speak taking place at the UN. The talks in New York are reminiscent of the process that Americans saw with the passage of ObamaCare. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s famous quip: “You have to pass the [health care] bill so you can see what is in it”? In similar fashion, the gun control details in the ATT will “not be publicly available” until the treaty has been agreed to by all the member nations. It makes you wonder if Pelosi is being paid as a consultant at these meetings. Make no mistake about it; UN officials are using secrecy to their advantage, claiming the treaty will not infringe upon the rights of individual gun owners. They claim the treaty only deals with international transfers of firearms. But Moran counters that the treaty will expand federal gun controls and lead to the registration of firearms...more

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