Thursday, August 16, 2012

Song Of The Day #908 Elvis Presley Anniversary

OpenDrive is back up and some friends on Facebook have reminded me its the 35th anniversary of Presley's death. We'll honor Presley today and for the folks in Reno the Nevada Waltz will be the selection tomorrow.

I like Presley's early stuff from the 50's, so the first duo is Hound Dog and All Shook Up with the second being Don't Be Cruel and Jailhouse Rock.

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Lynn said...

It’s amazing to know that one musician could have such an affect on the music we have today, and that he’s still commemorated every year. Yesterday, one of the ladies I work with at Dish played almost his whole discography for the duration of our whole shift. His music is still so catchy, and I must say that I rather enjoyed work yesterday because of it. I decided that tonight I would watch videos and documentaries of The King on They’ve all been free to watch so far, and it’s been nice to put images to all of the music I got to listen to yesterday.