Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Key Solyndra figures get red carpet treatment at Democratic convention?

Want to know what Barack Obama’s second-term agenda will be?  Looking at the VIP admissions to the Democratic convention, the assumption will be more Solyndras and more wasted taxpayer dollars.  ABC News caught former Department of Energy official Steve Spinner getting a “red-carpet” tour yesterday of the facilities in Charlotte.  Who’s Steve Spinner, you may ask?  He’s the man who pushed the DoE to ignore the advice of auditors and approve Solyndra’s $500 million-plus taxpayer-guaranteed loan.  What happened when ABC trained their cameras on Spinner?  He scurried out of the spotlight...Spinner’s not the only Solyndra figure to make an appearance at the Democratic convention.  Politico reports that the DNC will have Steve Westly as a speaker tonight, early in the agenda.  Westly was a more cautionary voice on Solyndra — but also bragged about his ability to leverage his status as a 2008 bundler to get hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies on the green-tech boondoggles of Obama’s stimulus package...more

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