Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sierra beaver dams targeted by U.S. Forest Service

LAKE TAHOE – To Sherry Guzzi, the beaver dam on Taylor Creek was more than a watery jungle of sticks and branches. In that snarl of debris, she saw hope for a species long regarded as non-native in the Sierra but which new research claims has occupied the range for centuries and is key to ecosystem health. Late last month, her hope was extinguished when the U.S. Forest Service tore down the dam to protect a tourist facility celebrating a non-native species: kokanee salmon. "They are doing all this to showcase an introduced species," said Guzzi, co-founder of the Sierra Wildlife Coalition, a local environmental group. "It's a little nuts, isn't it?" The Forest Service, which is holding its 23rd Kokanee Salmon Festival this weekend, defended the action. But spokeswoman Cheva Heck said the agency hopes to make its facilities and festival more beaver-friendly in the future...more

Which one brings them more attention and money?

It appears the beaver aren't giving up:

In recent days, the Taylor Creek beavers have been busy with matters of their own – gnawing down more aspen and willows to repair the dam the Forest Service tore down. By Thursday, the dam had been rebuilt. But when Guzzi returned to the site Friday, she said it had been destroyed again.

I guess the beaver didn't have a permit to fell those trees.

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