Monday, November 19, 2012

Baxter Black: Loose cow 'redecorates' house, porch

It was a late Saturday afternoon when Donelle glanced out the front window and saw a cow, one lone cow, standing on her front porch.

She did not look docile or friendly like some cows do. This one had a wild look in her eye.

Donelle was pretty sure the cow came from a bunch that Mr. Mark had unloaded into a nearby pasture near the Mariposa County fairgrounds several weeks ago. He’d come back to gather them this Saturday.

The whole bunch was spooky and skitterish as a bag of yellow hornets in a paint shaker! Since he couldn’t ride within 50 yards of one, he had brought along his prized Catahoula hounds.

Within 25 minutes, he and the dogs had managed to get one cow into the trap, almost. She was the one that ended up on Donelle’s front porch.

Mark was careful as he approached the lone cow. He was holding his dogs back since an all-out frontal attack might put the cow through the $2,500 plate glass picture window in Donelle’s living room. This was not the first time they had issues about loose cows.

It was obvious the cow was on the fight. She would snort and bawl at her reflection in the window.
Any time, he thought, she was going to charge. Mark made a decision — he jumped up on the porch and clung to a corner pole. She pawed the front porch boards. The three hounds came up the other side snarling and nipping.

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