Sunday, November 25, 2012

Border activity has hunters avoiding Southern Arizona

Fewer and fewer hunters are coming to border areas because of illegal immigrants and smugglers. Arizona's game and fish has seen the drop off. "Our hunting license and game tag sales in the borderland areas have been down for the last 15 years," Mark Hart, the public information officer of the Game and Fish Department in Tucson, said. "For many years now we have had left over game tags specifically for deer and javelin -- specifically in the borderland areas," Hart added. "Probably the place that has had the most left over is from Arivaca South to Sasabe." With all the illegal activity on the border, hunters are chasing game elsewhere. Making it tough for establishments down South who are starving for business...more

Sure makes you wonder why several so-called sportsmen groups are supporting both wilderness and monuments near our border with Mexico. 

View the full TV news report here.

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