Friday, November 09, 2012

Did you see the (almost) turdy-pointer?

That this year’s deer hunt might be the hunt of a lifetime for 12-year-old Dylan Beach-Bittner of Motley might be an understatement. About a half hour after Dylan and his stepdad, Wilbur Verbeck, got into their tree stand Saturday morning, Dylan noticed a deer walk out of the woods about 100 yards away. Dylan said he knew it was a big deer while it slowly made its way toward the deer stand, he just didn’t know how big. “I was shaking a little,” he said of the moments before he fired his .270-caliber. At about 50 yards, the deer turned broadside and Dylan fired a round into its front shoulder. The deer dropped immediately, got up a few seconds later and walked a few feet before finally falling for the last time. When Dylan and Verbeck got off their stand and down to the deer, they found a enormous animal with a 27-point atypical rack. At 229 pounds, Dylan said it took four people to life the deer into a truck to haul out of the field. The family has lined up someone to green score the rack, which mom figured could take a couple of times because there are so many tines. She said the deer will be taken to a taxidermist for a full shoulder mount. She also said the American Whitetail Association has contacted the family about showing the mount...more

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