Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Editorial: Ken Salazar owes an apology to reporter

Appearing at an Election Day event for the Obama campaign in Fountain last week, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar snapped, plain and simple. He — not a spokesperson — should publicly own up to it and apologize for his conduct. The Denver Post's Allison Sherry reported Tuesday that the former Democratic senator who now heads the Department of the Interior threatened to punch a reporter at the end of an interview. "Don't you ever ... You know what, you do that again, ... I'll punch you out," Salazar told Dave Philipps of The Gazette in Colorado Springs. We doubt that was something Salazar learned when he studied at St. Francis Seminary in Ohio. And it's seemingly so out of character that we were skeptical of the initial reports. But the entire exchange was captured on audio. And in listening to the exchange, it strikes us that Phillips conducted himself professionally — and Salazar did not...more

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