Monday, November 12, 2012

High-flow release planned for Glen Canyon Dam

The Interior department will begin a five-day "high-flow experimental release" at Glen Canyon Dam at noon Monday, Nov. 19. The release is part of a long-term protocol announced in May by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to meet water and power needs and resolve problems with downstream sediment and non-native fish predation on the Colorado River below the dam. Scientists have determined the correct conditions exist to conduct a high-flow release to benefit downstream resources, including camping beaches, sandbars, backwater habitats, riparian vegetation and archeological sites. The total maximum release from the dam will reach approximately 42,300 cubic-feet-per-second — 27,300 cfs of full-capacity powerplant releases and a bypass release through four river outlet tubes sending 15,000 cfs of water out over the Colorado River in what authorities say will be a spectacular visual display. The total duration of the high-flow release will be nearly five days, according to an Interior news release. SLT

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Anonymous said...

Good planning during a drought! Not experimental, they have done it before.