Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Colt 1873 Single Action Army

The Colt Single Action Army is perhaps the most widely recognized pistols of all time. Quick shooting and fast on the draw, the SAA is reminiscent of a time in America’s history when the Wild West was a lawless frontier. Over a century ago, the SAA cleared a path for an emerging nation. Lawmen, badmen, farmers, Native Americans, prospectors, and soldiers all used Samuel Colt’s most famous design for their endeavors. There were many other pistols on the frontier; but none earned a reputation like the “Peacemaker.” Since its inception in 1873 to today, the SAA has few equals when it comes to appearance or quick to draw and get that first shot. Easy to disassemble, assemble, maintain and shoot, the SAA is also very rugged; however, this is no weapon for the timid. Those familiar with the SAA know that it can be an experience when it comes to shooting at the range or in the field: loading and ejecting one round at a time; adjusting elevation by filing down the front sight (a one shot deal with no margin for error); and carrying only five rounds in the cylinder, as a sixth one would rest directly under the hammer. For those of us fond of its uniqueness, it is the “classic” firearm. Today, despite the overwhelming popularity of double-action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols with their “modern-day” conveniences, cowboys have made a comeback, with Sam Colt’s design high on the wanted list. These shootists yearn for the Old West and their weapon is the SAA. This renewed interest in American cowboy history has generated an increase in SAA manufacture. In many of these models, parts are identical to the original Colt SAAs, making them every bit historically correct, except for the name. In other models, they have been “modernized” with features like adjustable sights or safety mechanisms; however, they are still Single Action Army at heart...more

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