Thursday, December 06, 2012

Turkeys, Jimmy Bason and Me

Well, it's true.  For some reason, when Sharon's tom turkey sees me in the wheelchair, he thinks I'm another tom and the fight is on.  Sharon, grand kids and all know to leave the broom at the back door so I can defend myself.

I told Bason, Bason told A-10, and the result is what you see above.

Jimmy Bason and I have a lot of fun with each other.  If your not familiar with Mr. Bason, I've chronicled some of his exploits here at The Westerner:  Bason's Burro Bodyguards and Bason's Organic Beef would be two examples.  And he is the star in the Max Evans classic Super Bull and Other True Escapades. Actually, the bull is probably the star, but he was on Bason's ranch and Bason is the one who couldn't gather the little critter.

And speaking of turkeys, Bason's most proud of his roll in developing the NM Spaceport and the resultant increase in taxes we're paying to fund it.  He worked closely with his favorite politician to get'er done, and he would be upset if I didn't post this picture:

Sorry Jimmy, I just couldn't make it any bigger.

And many thanks to A-10, who made my glasses thicker and my gut thinner.  Years ago he did another cartoon of me.  It was about when I was in a team roping contest and ran over the flagger and his horse.  Now that I think about it, the flagger just happened to be Bill Frost, Bason's business partner at the time.  You still got that A-10?

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