Thursday, December 20, 2012

World Wildlife Fund doesn't like cloning of jaguars

Last month I linked to an article about Brazilian scientists cloning endangered species, including the jaguar.

The World Wildlife fund doesn't like this and Miles Mason, writing at Post Scarcity Alliance, explains why:

For the committed environmentalist, if a solution to an environmental problem doesn’t involve limiting and controlling human behavior, then the solution is labeled as ineffective, too expensive, and a waste of time and resources.  Of course if conservation dollars were to go to cloning efforts and research in genetic engineering, then this would be a direct funding competition to the World Wildlife Fund, so naturally their lead spokesperson is against such an effort.  Notice how once the economic resources of this organization are threatened the organization adopts a decidedly anti-science posture against the hard science of biochemistry.
And you thought all they cared about were the fuzzy little creatures.  Nope, seems their annual budget comes first.

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