Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Environmentalists to Sue on Rattlesnake Protection

Environmentalists are launching a lawsuit aimed at speeding up federal action on a request to give endangered species protection to the eastern diamondback rattlesnake. The Tucson, Ariz.-based Center for Biological Diversity and others filed a formal notice of intent to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Tuesday. The environmentalists say the rattlesnake is threated by loss of habitat and human predation across the Southeast. There are no bag limits in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. The agency last year agreed to conduct a review of the request, but spokesman Tom MacKenzie said it will be several years before that can be accomplished. He said that's because the service already is reviewing 400 other species due to prior lawsuits filed by the center. AP

Bag limits for rattlesnakes...that's hard for this old boy to fathom.

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Bryan said...

GREAT news. If it were a different animal, there'd likely be no contest for such action. The threat that rattlesnakes pose is largely in the imagination of society and crazy uncles everywhere. I hope it happens.