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Manti Te'o & Wolves

Manti Te’o Syndrome
Magical Playgrounds
Metastasized ESA
By Stephen L. Wilmeth

            The question must be asked. What do Valhalla, Carenhall, and Lennay Kekua have in common?
The answer is they exist in the minds of mortal illusionists who have conjured up insanely narcissistic self assessments of their importance. They are private places to go strut your stuff. They are magical places where the mists are moved to reveal even more magical realms of existence. They are mental playgrounds for dreamers.
Valhalla was conceived as a majestic and enormous hall located in magical Asgard ruled over by the god, Odin. In front of the hall stood a sacred, endangered and golden tree, Glasir, and the hall’s ceiling was thatched with golden shields. Those who were chosen to enter Valhalla were honored heroes who died in combat fighting for important causes. The chosen were led by valkyries into the kingdom joining other heroes. Half of the chosen reported to Odin himself while the other half reported to the gorgeous goddess nymphet, Freyja.
It was there the chosen could go running au naturale through the Hall forever … and ever.
Carenhall actually existed. It was ostensibly Herman Göring’s hunting lodge and grounds named after his own Fryja, his late wife, Caren. The Nazi elite would gather and go running au naturale through the glades and mystical haunts of Göring’s sacred hunting grounds. It was there the big fellow collected his own perspective of what was best for the environment. One such preference was a clinal variant of melanistic roe deer from Spain. It was also there he planned to display his looted treasures.
The ending of Carenhall came when the Brandenburg government demolished it along with Caren Göring’s tomb. They wanted no Nazi shrine. The illusion was halted, reality was restored, and the world would pay dearly for the diabolical deception of what those tyrants imposed upon the victims of their crimes.
Lennay Kekua
Manti Te’o … vaunted super star. The man with the exotic name was set to lead Notre Dame back to the magical sports shrine it once was. He was everything the Gipper and Touchdown Jesus could possibly want. A big, fast, smart, minority who could control the line of scrimmage, strike fear in the hearts of opponents, and catapult love into the hearts of adoring fans.
The problem is this man … this kid … was elevated onto a national platform with an illusory propensity for endearment. The secret place in his mind had form and a name, Lennay Kekua. She not only never existed she was fabricated for sympathetic gain.
In every sense, Lennay Kekua became the same fraudulent rendering as Valhalla was to Germanic heroes and Carenhall was to the bloated ego of Hitler’s ‘fat man’. It was all a lie, and that kid will pay for his actions the rest of his life. Regardless of the process that will tediously play out in maneuvering to paint him as a victim … he perpetuated a lie. His penalty is immense. If he survives the national humiliation, he will still be labeled for what he is.
These hoaxes are defined and have names. Those associated with these deceptions are in the process or have paid the price for the creation of a nonexistent paradise. That may or may not be the case of an infinitely more egregious hoax being perpetrated on real victims in the West.
Manti Te’o Syndrome expanded
In a recent issue of a country living magazine, a home owner in Maine was featured. The home was located on several acres. The dwelling and the associated land was a private paradise with hiking trails and seclusion. What topped the image of that haven was the proximity of “10,000 acres of state conservation land”.
Aha! Valhalla is forming once again. In fact, we have entered into the realm of the newest elitist fad. To have a second home in the sticks has long been the marker distinguishing the movers, but to have conservation trust land next door separates the real movers from the shakers. It means paradise. It is a glorious cause!
The creation of conservation trust lands is actually code for the creation of another golden tree of Valhalla. Wilderness is the gold mantle piece, and it is being expanded under the same auspices as the Valhalla shrine. It exists in the minds of the beholder, and it harms no one until it emerges into the real world.
Ask Manti Te’o if he would now rather have his Lennay Kekua perpetuated affectionately in his mind or in front page headlines across this country. Likewise, ask the victims of the gray wolf introduction in New Mexico and Arizona if they would rather have the reintroduction concept only in the mind of the zoo tycoon who contrived the plan, or in their real life existence with the wolf.
In 1982, the plan was hatched to establish 100 Mexican wolves in the middle of 5000 square miles of wilderness along the New Mexico-Arizona border. Today, there are just over 50 collared wolves in that fantasyland. Hopefully, that must make the folks who need to know there is a lonely howling wolf somewhere out there in the wilderness appreciative of all the rural community hardship the program has created. If that is the case, that means there is some justification for the conflict because there has been no heaven on this earth created for those people who face the real consequences.
The program has been a human relations nightmare.
Recently, an announcement was made revealing the program will be expanded. Letters were sent to local government in the affected areas. The 5000 square mile recovery area is going to be expanded to … 296,390 square miles!
It appears the Yellowstone of the South, the Gila, imposes too many restrictions on the wolf’s success not to mention its persistently troublesome human-wolf conflicts. The imagination of the wolf planning team is shedding all form of modesty. They are stampeding toward all or nothing. They are going to roll the dice. The entire state of Arizona, the entire state of New Mexico, and nearly a third of the state of Texas will now become wolfdom’s Valhalla. Certainly, there are qualifications, but, if the planners have their way, the new recovery area is going to be gargantuan.
ESA metastasized
The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has no conditions regarding the cost to society. It is a hammer being used to destroy rural communities. Seemingly, all we can do is watch the process.
The citizens in the wolf recovery area know they have no recourse for defense. Like the victims of past hoaxes, they stand in a hailstorm with no shelter. What they have needed is the expansion of their cataclysm to impact people who do have the means to confront the insidious onslaught. This expansion offers that opportunity.
 It will be interesting to observe how important the wolf is to society when it starts competing for regional management priorities with affluent municipalities.

Stephen L. Wilmeth is a rancher from southern New Mexico. “For the pragmatic among your ranks, the Canis lupus baileyi price now equates to $625,000 per cuddly piece. Does that make anybody mad?”

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