Thursday, January 31, 2013

Song Of The Day #1009

Country Roots on Ranch Radio was interrupted by a Drs. appt. and other stuff so we'll double up today with two songs from 1926. First up is Burnett & Rutherford with Curly Headed Baby.  Others would record this as The Hesitation Blues.  Then we have Kelly Harrell with Bright Sherman Valley.  You will recognize the tune as Red River Valley.  It turns out Red River Valley was the original song, dating from 1879, and was probably based on an incident in Canada.

Please note these and many of the songs this week were recorded before the Bristol Sessions in July of 1927, where Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family were discovered.  The next time we do this roots thing, I'll bring you the first two documented country songs recorded (by fiddler Eck Robertson), and possibly selections from the Bristol Sessions or from "black face" singer and song writer Emmett Miller, who recorded songs in the 20s that were hits many years later for Hank Williams, Eddy Arnold and Bob Wills.

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