Tuesday, January 29, 2013

They need wolves at Denver International Airport

Rabbits at Denver International Airport are chewing through the wires of cars in the parking lot causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. The airport is home to hundreds of bunnies, who are not living up to their cute reputation as they chew through brake lines, clutch lines and other wiring. Local car repair shops in the Denver area estimate that the rabbits are doing massive damage and car owners affected have pleaded with the airport to do something about the growing menace. The rampaging rabbits at Denver are not a new problem: In 1999 they were biting their way through the wires of de-icing equipment - and now it seems they have moved their warren to the outlying parking lots...more

Traps?  No, far too cruel 

Pesticides?  No, too harsh on environment 

Wolves?  Absolutely.  The only way to have a eco-friendly, sustainable solution.

The new proposed recovery area almost reaches there anyway.

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Anonymous said...

How about coyotes? Or one of the virus developed for the Australian bunnies. Coyotes and airplanes colliding on the runways might be less of an impact than one of the super wolves currently prowling the countryside up north. Perfect Nonsense!