Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Colorado ex-Gov. Bill Ritter on short list for both Energy and Interior posts

Former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter is not only on the short list to replace outgoing Energy Secretary Steven Chu, but he is also in the running to take over the Interior Department when fellow Coloradoan Ken Salazar steps down. Ritter mentioned that he was being considered as interior secretary Monday night before making remarks at the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association conference. He didn’t go into detail about why he’s on what he called “a long short list” for the position, but he mentioned his experience as governor in dealing with energy development on public land as a possible factor. “We were very involved in looking at BLM,” he said, referring to the Bureau of Land Management, “and the intersection between BLM and fossil fuel extraction. I know a lot about that issue, and oil shale and issues around oil shale extraction on public lands. … It commanded a lot of our time, so I’m very interested in the issue in general.” “I actually think the big issue Interior is going to face is on gas and oil stuff,” he said. “I think that the country would be lucky to have him in either position,” said Pam Kiely, an energy consultant who works with environmental groups...more

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