Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dad, daughter win NM coyote killing contest

It was a family affair in another controversial coyote killing contest in southeastern New Mexico. The event was held over the weekend and was sponsored by Larry’s Discount Gun Shop and Sporting Goods in Roswell. They say several hundred people participated and the winning team was a father daughter team who killed nine coyotes, more than 100 coyotes in all were killed during the contest. The winning team took home a pair of ar-15 semi-automatic rifles. Ranchers say the coyote problems so bad there some ranchers have stopped raising sheep because the coyotes are killing them. An animal rights group is backing a bill against the killing contest to eliminate prizes. KRQE

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Larry's Gun Shop and Sporting Goods! Coyotes are the bane of any livestock producer, especially the sheep and goat producer. Now the evil empire, the Fish and Wildlife Service wants to expand the grey wolf area to include all of New Mexico and part of West Texas. I guess the stupid greens will kick in to the pot to help support the livestock producer's losses from their favorite predators.