Thursday, February 14, 2013

North Teton wolves zero in on moose herd

Wolves roaming the north end of Grand Teton National Park have developed an appetite for moose during the wintertime, a study shows. Some 43 moose, including 25 cows, were found wolf-killed by Grand Teton and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service researchers during the winters of 2010 and 2011. Preliminary data shows another 13 were killed during 2012, Grand Teton biologist Steve Cain said. Wildlife officials have been dealing with a Jackson Hole moose herd in decline for years. An exchange of emails between Park Service and Wyoming Game and Fish Department officials shows the study findings surprised biologists. “Wow, I don’t think anyone can argue that wolf depredation on moose is not additive and that they are not having an effect on moose numbers,” Game and Fish large carnivore biologist Bob Trebelcock wrote in a May email...more

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johnr said...

As far back as five years or more the sighting of a moose calf among a group of females was a rare sighting and the geniuses are just admitting it now.