Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Outgoing EPA chief regrets lack of dialogue with rural America

Departing Departing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson said she wished she had communicated better during her tenure with rural regions that felt victimized by the agency’s pollution rules. “If I were starting again, I would from day one make a much stronger effort to do personal outreach in rural America," Jackson said in a wide-ranging interview with Reuters published Monday.  Clashes with rural GOP lawmakers characterized much of Jackson’s time in Obama administration, but Jackson has lamented what she says are inaccurate claims about the scope of EPA’s agenda. "Had I known that these myths about everything from cow flatulence to spilled milk could be seen as 'The EPA is coming to get you,' I would have spent more time trying to inoculate against that,” she said. Battles over the effect of EPA policy on the agriculture industry were just some of Jackson’s collisions with Republicans...more

Lack of dialogue?  Notice her reason for dialogue would be to "inoculate against that".  No, what she regrets is that she got her ass kicked on several of those issues, which hurt her credibility on the bigger things she wanted to accomplish.

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