Thursday, March 14, 2013

Obama’s Weekend Warrior

When Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced his resignation from the Obama Administration, attention turned instantly to a successor. But President Barack Obama shattered the mold when he nominated Seattleite Sally Jewell, CEO of Recreational Equipment, Inc., known as REI...But I’m not sure she’ll be awesome as Secretary of Interior. In a nutshell, REI is Cabela’s for green urban yuppies. Any Friday night, mixed in with the pickups and trailers of the Cabela’s cohort, hordes of Subarus and Volvos, roof racks groaning with gear from REI, zoom out of America’s metropolitan centers in a mass escape from cubicle jail to a weekend of freedom in the natural world. On Sunday night, the weekend warriors are back in town. What happens in the hinterlands the rest of the week, or in the off season, matters little, if at all, to them. With the exception of three years in the high-plains oilfields, Jewell has spent her entire adult life as a weekend warrior, including a decade of guiding a large business that lives or dies on its ability to package and sell the weekend-warrior lifestyle...more

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