Monday, May 20, 2013

Idaho issues "kill order" on wolf who killed 31 sheep

Sheep graze on Flat Top Ranch
The owner of the Flat Top Ranch near Carey said Wednesday that he recently lost more than two dozen sheep to wolves over a two-day period.  John Peavey said numerous lambs and ewes were killed by wolves on Friday, May 10, and Sunday, May 12.  Idaho Wildlife Services State Director Todd Grimm said Thursday that the final mortality count was at 31—18 lambs and 13 ewes.  Peavey said a Fish and Game representative determined that wolves were to blame, rather than another type of predator. As a result, Grimm said, Idaho Wildlife Services is carrying out a kill order on “at least” two wolves in the area. Peavey said the sheep are currently vulnerable because they are in lambing season, when young lambs and birthing ewes can become easy prey. One of the ewes killed was in the process of birthing triplets, he said, and one of the lambs killed was the first—and only—one of the triplets to be born.  “The guy was probably out of the womb five minutes,” he said. “It was really a heartbreaker.”  Peavey said the lamb, the ewe and the two unborn triplets were killed Sunday morning...more

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