Friday, May 24, 2013

Wolves taking toll on Northeastern Oregon cattle, sheep

Domestic sheep and cattle have been taking hits from gray wolves this month in northeastern Oregon, and at least one young wolf has died, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Four sheep were confirmed killed, another was injured and still another is missing north of Pendleton, the department confirmed this week. Wolf tracks were found at the scene, and radio-collar data showed at least one wolf from the Umatilla River pack was in that area the night of the attacks, said biologists. Meanwhile, a rancher's yearling cow was killed by Imnaha Pack wolves in Wallowa County on May 15, the department reported. Evidence of at least two wolves was discovered at the scene, according to biologists. Five days earlier, ODFW biologists confirmed a rancher's calf was bitten on a hind leg by a wolf, but was expected to survive. Biologists found a radio-collared Wenaha pack wolf known as OR19 dead of unknown causes in the Sled Springs game management unit of Wallowa County May 19, the department reported. Foul play was not suspected...more

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No! That is not possible! Wolves just eat other wild creatures. Just ask a Greenie.