Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sequestration causes rockslide at Dinosaur National Monument, closes trail and surrounding area

A massive and active rockslide that has been slowly occurring the past couple of days has closed parts of the Dinosaur National Monument. The slide is located near the Jones Hole Trail, creek and fish hatchery. The first report of a rock slide occurred on Tuesday. A large slab of rock broke free from a cliff face near the boundary of the Dinosaur National Monument, about a  quarter-mile from the Jones Hole Fish Hatchery, National Park Service officials said. A fisherman reported having to run from a boulder that landed in the stream not too far where he was, park officials said.  After hearing the reports, park rangers checked the scene and did not see any activity. Then on Thursday morning another small slide occurred just before a massive slide was reported in that area. The slide was large enough to send boulders across Jones Hole Creek and knock down trees, blocking the trail, officials with the National Park Service said...more

OK, they didn't say anything about the sequester...but you know they will.  Either that or it was caused by Global Warming. 

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