Sunday, August 18, 2013

Couple Arrested in Bed by Armed Police After Paramedic Mistook Remote Control For a Gun

A couple was arrested at gunpoint in the middle of the night when a remote control was mistaken for a firearm. Michelle Malone, 46, and Keith Abrahams, 44, were woken up by an armed police raid at their home and bundled into a police van. Cops swooped after reports of a man brandishing a gun in the property – but it turned out to be the TV remote. Now Michelle and Keith are suing after being locked in a cell and quizzed by detectives for four hours. They were later released without charge and – to top off the indignity of the entire situation – “humiliated” Keith was forced to walk home in just his underwear. The mix-up happened on June 24 when a paramedic attended the couple’s house after Michelle suffered a panic attack. But her condition worsened when 18 officers burst into their flat in Hereford at 1am the next morning. The pair said they were surrounded by 10 armed officers wearing body armour, eight uniformed police as well as a dog handler. They were then frog-marched from their home and taken to a nearby police station. Officers then conducted a forensic fingertip search of the property but found no trace of a gun. Detectives confirmed during the pair’s interview that the paramedic believed he had spotted Keith holding a firearm in the bedroom...more

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