Monday, August 19, 2013

US Interior Secretary Pledges To Uphold Tribal Sovereignty (and State Sovereignty??)

In recent remarks delivered to 300 delegates of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), meeting in Reno, Nevada, Sally Jewell received a standing ovation in response to her vow to stand up for tribal sovereignty. According to the Associated Press report, the 300 National Congress of American Indians delegates applauded Sally Jewell’s determination to protect and restore the rights of tribal nations. The report remarked that Jewell’s address was a highly emotional event in which she fought back tears and had to stop and compose herself before speaking...more

In all the press accounts of Jewell speaking to the Western Governors, there was no mention of her crying.  Do you  think we'll ever have a Sec. of Interior where I can post this headline:

US Interior Secretary Pledges To Uphold State Sovereignty

When or if that ever happens, I'll be the one crying.

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Tick said...

This source is a little slow on the uptake. This was reported several months ago at azcentral.