Friday, September 27, 2013

Greenpeace to appeal jailing of its activists

Environmental group Greenpeace said Friday it will appeal against the rulings of a Russian court that led to the jailing of its activists for a protest near an oil platform in the Arctic. On Thursday, the court in the city of Murmansk jailed 22 members of the Greenpeace team who were protesting near the platform last week. Greenpeace said in a statement Friday that it will appeal and is seeking the crew's immediate release. Among those jailed are a Russian news photographer and the ship's U.S. captain. Eight more were detained for three days pending a new hearing. No charges have been brought against anyone in the group. The Russian Coast Guard disrupted an attempt by the activists on Sept. 18 to scale the oil platform. Russian authorities seized Greenpeace's ship next day and towed it with the crew aboard to Murmansk...more

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