Monday, December 30, 2013

Dunn seeks Public Lands commissioner office

Rancher Aubrey Dunn is taking another run at public office in New Mexico. The Republican announced his candidacy earlier this week for New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands. Dunn lost his bid to become a state senator in 2012, to Democrat Phil Griego. "I am running for our children and grandchildren," he said in his announcement. "I am running for jobs for New Mexicans. This state deserves a land commissioner who understands that maximizing the responsible use of our natural resources is how we put money into our permanent fund for education and create opportunity for industries to add jobs." He contended incumbent Ray Powell, a Democrat who served two, four-year terms previously and was elected again in 2010, "will not do that with his hard-core environmental special interest loyalties." As a New Mexico rancher, Dunn said he feels he has the right talent mix to both maximize New Mexico's resources and to protect trust lands for future generations. Dunn was raised on a small apple farm in the community of High Rolls near Cloudcroft. He attended Colorado State University, graduating with a degree in Animal Science. He worked 25 years in the financial industry, including as chief executive officer and president of First Federal Bank in Roswell, and he ranches between Capitan and Roswell, "about 45 miles from the closest town or McDonalds," he said...more

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