Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Montana Pro Rodeo reacts to possibility of a disbanded PRCA

It's Circuit Finals time in Montana, bringing some of the top local names in rodeo to Great Falls. But, it's the big news comes from a national stage as cowboys and cowgirls look to disband from the PRCA and create their own organization. Cowboys and cowgirls say the new organization would strengthen rodeo, while continuing to deliver the highest quality performances to the fans. But if a new organization is created, would that have an impact on the Montana Circuit? "No it would not," said MPRC president Jim Croft. "We're a circuit system, a national circuit system. We have our own championships down in Oklahoma City. It would not affect the Montana Circuit. "There's a lot of hoofla out there and only time will tell, but I think it will all settle back where it belongs." If the big guns of professional rodeo - think Trevor Brazile and Sherry Cervi - get their way and a new organization is founded, what happens if Montana's cowboys hop on board? Would they still be allowed to compete in their local circuit? "Everything is up in the air so much, it would kind of depend on what they did and if they did it," explained Croft. "I think if is the big question, I don't see it happening. But if they did it would be the rules they set, what the qualifications are and whether they could put a tight enough threshold on them. I don't think it will happen." In fairness, rumors of a new organization have surfaced in the past, but never took form. But now, cowboys and cowgirls are taking action. In fact, there are far more athletes supporting this change than the 21 bull riders who created the PBR - one of the most entertaining sports in North and South America. But Croft, much like the PRCA board, doesn't see this organization duplicating that success. "The PBR has done outstanding and a great job, bull riding is a great event to sell, but rodeo is rodeo," Croft said. "You need all the events and the fans aren't coming here to just watch one event. They're very educated, I just don't see it happening." Now these comments are, of course, just Croft's opinions. He cannot speak on behalf of the PRCA, but did tell me he doesn't see this new organization being formed. Right now, it's just wait and see. We will keep you updated as new reports begin to surface. Source

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