Monday, March 31, 2014

Ranch Radio Song Of The Day #1233

Its Swingin' Monday on Ranch Radio and here is Roy Hogsed's 1951 recording of Put Some Sugar In Your Shoes.

Artist Biography by Stacia Proefrock

Born in Arkansas, Roy Hogsed (b. 1919, d. 1978) relocated to San Diego at the beginning of his career. He was responsible for one of the most original sounds in post-war country music, often throwing in elements of the not-yet articulated styles of rockabilly and rock & roll. His Rainbow Riders Trio combined accordion, guitar and slapped-bass rhythm to help produce hits like his version of "Cocaine Blues." Several other hits were made by him with a larger band format, including "Snake Dance Boogie," "Let Your Pendulum Swing," and "Aint a Bump in the Road." His career lasted from 1947, when he made his first singles for Coast Records to 1954, when he made his last record for Capitol. He had a limited impact on the larger country music scene, largely because of his location in San Diego instead of another musical powerhouse like Nashville or L.A., but his music remains a fascinating anomaly regardless.

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