Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Senator Heinrich Visits Cibola County, Tours National Monument

This morning, Heinrich visits the El Malpais National Monument and is meeting with monument administrators to discuss conservation efforts and growing New Mexico's outdoor recreation economy. In 1987 Congress established the 115,000-acre national monument -- which is managed by the National Park Service -- and the 263,000-acre El Malpais National Conservation Area. Tomorrow, Senator Heinrich will tour Mount Taylor Manufacturing (MTM) in Milan to meet with the company's president and members from the Cibola National Forest Fire Management to discuss a U.S. Forest Service program to clear small wood from the Cibola National Forest. MTM is a family owned business, which was established as a wood molding plant in 1965. The sawmill makes products from trees selectively harvested from the Cibola National Forest...more

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