Saturday, April 05, 2014

Correction in the Hage Case

On Thursday I published Hage Takings Case Denied Hearing by Claims Court which was a press release from American Stewards

Ramona Hage Morrison sent along the following correction from attorney Mark Pollot: 

The case is not closed.  We never received notice of the trial court’s denial of the motion for reconsideration because the Clerk’s Office failed to provide it.  A motion is pending before the trial court for relief under the FRCP which, if denied, is itself appealable.  This case is not a done deal.  The trial court has not ruled on our motion and, if it denies it, it will be appealed.  The last chapter has not been written.

Having worked with Wayne & Helen Hage and being an admirer of both, it was with deep disappointment and a terrible sinking feeling that I published the release.  This corrected info gives us all hope that justice still may be done.

And don't forget to watch Fox News tonight!

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